Essay On Trump's Argument Culture

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Since the beginning of his campaign, President Trump has often portrayed himself as the victim of the liberal media and “fake news.” While every person should make a habit of checking their sources, it is my assertion that the media’s attitudes towards Trump have benefited him greatly. A common comparison somewhat alike to the chicken and the egg, is whether the media accurately represents events or creates them in their depiction. In my view both instances are present and valid in one’s attempt to analyse the media. In many ways this phenomenon has roots deeper than the media. In her book “Argument Culture”, Deborah Tannen discusses how western society 's need for conflict has shaped the way that information is presented. The societal belief that…show more content…
President Trump’s continual deflections and attacks on any new agency or politician that presents him unfavorably has fueled the right’s suspicion of any entity that they deem liberal. I support the notion that people should be skeptical of the news they engage with, but in many cases this distrust is verging on fanaticism. On the other end of the political spectrum, networks that are considered liberal are practically jumping through hoops in an attempt to appear unbiased. Although political bias is often attributed to the left, It is my belief that bias may be even stronger among conservatives. This is part of a global swing towards the right, and is perfectly illustrated by polls conducted by the Washington Post and NBC. These polls taken in 2013 and 2017 respectively found that 38% of Democrats and 22% of Republican supported the proposition of missile strikes on Syria under President Obama, while 37% of Democrats and a staggering 86% of Republicans supported President Trump taking the same action. These statistics clearly show the massive influence partisan politics have had on conservatives in the United
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