Media Bias Argument Essay

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If one has a pulse, one also has a bias; therefore, many people involved in the media bear their own biases, and it leads to subjective news. Frederick Allen, in his article "Balancing Act," clarifies how the bias in the media remains the same as it has always been and doesn’t show any indications of changing. The overwhelming and seemingly inescapable bias in today 's media is no more simply tuning in; it 's assuming control. In particular, Allen depicts how the general society sees the bias "in different places" (44). Allen continues to address what number of individuals won 't go up against their own worldview; rather, individuals will point fingers at the "one we disagree with" guaranteeing that the other will "hold the biased opinion"…show more content…
In his article "GOP-Fox Circus Act," Reed Richardson alludes to MSNBC as a "news competitor" to Fox News (1); therefore, an investigation of MSNBC’s coverage in regards to the Benghazi hearings placed a perspective on the opposing biases. Considering MSNBC is known to lean to the left, this report was introduced somewhat more cautiously. The October 24th, 2015 broadcast of the opinionated news show, the Melissa Harris-Perry, hosted by none other than Melissa herself, had preferential words for Clinton 's sake. The opening explanations highlight how the week had been known as Hillary Clinton 's "greatest week ever," which was a statement that Fox News would never assert. Perry goes ahead to answer her own inquiry: "what exactly did we learn [from the hearing]?" by alluding to a clip of Republican Tray Gowdy apparently confused in his review statement. The pick-and-choose strategy of video clips from circumstances encompassing the trial introduced the Republican Party, appearing as though they were utterly dumbfounded, in a practically negative light. Perry begins discussion with Clinton 's representative, Karen Finney, for her campaign about the October 22nd hearings. Acquiring somebody who is crusading for Clinton guaranteed that the segment would convey her in a favorable manner. The whole section of the show, through the contentions, proclamations, and highlights, presented convincing confirmation that MSNBC leaned left over Clinton’s Benghazi

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