Three Major Factors: The Process Of Political Socialization

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Guadalupe Olivares

The Process of Political Socialization

The process of political socialization is what happens throughout a person’s life can influence their political ideology. There have been three main factors that have been major influences on my political ideology. These three factors are schools, peers, and mass media. These three factors are a driving force of why I am a republican to this day.

The first is the schools that I went to and the teachers influence of my choice. Throughout my middle school and high schools years my history/economic teachers have been hardcore republicans. This has shown throughout my classes where particular subjects would seem a bit biased. One big example is during the big Obama health care my teacher in way would talk about the subject in a disgusted way. Being enrolled in a school in South Georgia also tends to do more education about the republican side of things during current or upcoming elections. Besides the teachers the school it’s self-had the majority of its propaganda facing towards conservative and republican opinions. Being in immerged into a school environment has made it easy for my choices of my political opinions on current matters. You see the same opinions year and year out about the every type of political election and with the teachers and curriculum always being lopsided in their teaching has made it easy for me to adopt the political party they want me to vote for.

The second would be peers and

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