Political Socialization Analysis

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Guadalupe Olivares

The Process of Political Socialization

The process of political socialization is what happens throughout a person’s life can influence their political ideology. There have been three main factors that have been major influences on my political ideology. These three factors are schools, peers, and mass media. These three factors are a driving force of why I am a republican to this day.

The first is the schools that I went to and the teachers influence of my choice. Throughout my middle school and high schools years my history/economic teachers have been hardcore republicans. This has shown throughout my classes where particular subjects would seem a bit biased. One big example is during the big Obama health …show more content…

I have come to realize that the media has always sided what was popular to the public. Though in some cases I’m sure there have been some influencing through monetary means and under the table deals. Nonetheless the media actually served as a counter argument to my thoughts and actually helped me remembered in why I vote for what I vote for. As you can see from most of the media in the last 6 years it has served towards democrats and more government interference. Now don’t get me wrong things like the patriot act are necessary for the safety of our nations but I believe the NSA has been taking things much too far. The NSA has been purposely intruding SMS, texts, calls, and almost anything that is considered over the web interaction. Not only is this causing problems for people right here at home but is also making enemies overseas. A great example of this is the NSA spying scandal in Germany. On July 10th 2014 as told by several news site including my citing of NBC news [1] that Germany demanded that the top U.S. intelligence official leave immediately over spying allegations. These aren’t even our own people. What reason do we have to spy on another countries people let alone our own? What is worst is that the media has decided to look past these obvious violations of our rights in favor of most of the public and the government. This has reassured me of the need of our personal freedoms and how big …show more content…

I have gone in great detail in how these 3 factors were the driving force in my political ideology. Some were things have forced me to believe in what I do because of unavoidable environment. Another was the people I choose to surround myself with and have actually given me great reasons and advice that I have choose to shape my political ideology. Then lastly the one the has reassured me why I believe in what I do because of it going against what most people believe is a good thing yet I feel they violate and hinder my future plans. Put all these together and they tell the story of political ideology.


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