Miss Representation Chapter 1 Summary

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Chapter One: You Are What You See In today’s society, the media is inescapable. The advancements of technology have led to an even larger outreach of media--touching close to every person. For me, the media has always been an influence in my life. From the songs I’ve listen to, the movies I grew up watching, and the stories I’ve heard, the media has sculpted a significant portion of my identity. Being a young woman in America, I have stared eye to eye with the guidelines that the media has handed to me. The documentary, Miss Representation, directed by Jennifer Siebel Newsom, discusses how the media’s objectification of women impacts the lives of girls and women across America. Miss Representation shows that as a girl watches other women …show more content…

“Privilege is when you think something is not a problem because it isn’t a problem to you personally” quotes David Gaider. Single stories promote the idea of not looking beyond the surface because you are not the one being affected. The media has portrayed a single story of many countries outside of the United States. Africa portrayed as starving children lining the streets, no running water for miles on end, an overall uneducated population, and seeking Americas help. The middle east has been shown as home to all terrorists, dangerous and waiting to destroy our country with any chance they get. The media finds single instances and spins them into complete stories. These stories are then expanded, and plastered across newspapers, websites, and TV. But yet many people have no want to look further, past the blindfold that the media has so carefully made. They have no want because they have their privilege, separated by seas and distanced from where these single stories are targets towards. This is wrong. We as a whole need to remove our blindfold and listen to other stories, see another view, and educate ourselves on the truth of these

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