Siebel Newsom's Miss Representation

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Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s Miss Representation successfully conveys the dangers that are associated with the demeaning methods the media uses to displace women from inspiring, valued positions and the effects of it on the American female population. The documentary explores the negative portrayal of women in the press and Hollywood, lack of female participation in major fields, and the side effects of the antifeminist movements on impressionable, young girls that have become highly visible through the media. The documentary reports of how even the most casual hints of misogyny distort the public’s values and expectations for women. The targeted audience is everyone because society can only right its wrongs by working and empowering together. However, Miss Representation does emphasize that young women in particular were the most important group of their intended audience. Throughout the …show more content…

The documentary subscribed to many different forms in presenting its information with a visual and audio spectrum. On the visual scale, it bombards the viewer with images and videos of hyper-sexualized women present in everyday type television, film, and advertising. Dramatic music to match the tone of the information being said was included. Melancholic musical accompaniment was common during parts of the film that explained the consequences of the misrepresentation of female roles on young girls. For example, when it began to give information on how poorly written women in film with unachievable bodies has a direct detrimental effect on self esteem and body image, the documentary captured the upsetting, emotional aspect of the research through background music. The effects of these combine to make the viewer feel disgusted at the mass amounts of exploitation the media tries to incorporate and sell. Furthermore, the types of evidence can be broken

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