I Love My Body: Advertisement Analysis

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Thigh gaps, flat stomach, big boobs, curvaceous hips. Something all girls dream of having and spend heaps of time and money trying to achieve it. In reality, it’s 99% impossible to get the super model “hot bod”. As an average, food-loving, lazy woman, I admire their ‘beautiful’ bodies and accept that my body will never be like theirs. Victoria’s Secret (VS) is a famous American retailer of women’s lingerie who’s widely known to use supermodels called “Angels” to advertise and promote the company’s lingerie. In 2013, Victoria’s Secret launched a campaign advertisement called “I Love My Body”. When I first heard about it, I was excited to finally see some positive body image promoted by VS. However, the advertisement was the complete opposite of what I had expected. This advert was created to promote and persuade females of middle to high economic status from young adults to middle age to buy the seven styles of products from the lingerie collection Body by Victoria, as well as to promote self-acceptance. The ad features three Angels in VS lingerie with the slogan “I Love My Body” on the right and a description underneath. The central focus of the advert is the three models on the left and their facial expressions are smug and seductive, as if they were beckoning us to come look at the ad. They also seem confident, which connects to the phrase on the right, “I Love My Body”, showing that they are confident and …show more content…

So, Victoria’s Secret, until you show us campaign advertisements with real women who aren’t skinny, gorgeous models, you aren’t showing us anything revolutionary and I, at least am not going to buy your product meant for “every

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