Victoria's Secret Advert Analysis

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Thigh gaps, flat stomach, big boobs, curvaceous hips. Something all girls dream of having and spend heaps of time and money trying to achieve it. In reality, it’s 99% impossible to get the super model “hot bod”. As an average, food-loving, lazy woman, I admire their ‘beautiful’ bodies and accept that my body will never be like theirs. Victoria’s Secret (VS) is a famous American retailer of women’s lingerie who’s widely known to use supermodels called “Angels” to advertise and promote the company’s lingerie. In 2013, Victoria’s Secret launched a campaign advertisement called “I Love My Body”. When I first heard about it, I was excited to finally see some positive body image promoted by VS. However, the advertisement was the complete opposite…show more content…
The reason is because the advert is not trying to make us love our bodies and feel confident, as it may seem at first glance. Quite the opposite, the images of the models are there to make us feel envious. We are meant to look at this advertisement with longing to achieve the same level of beauty and idolize them rather than embrace our own bodies. The ad implies that by buying and wearing the product, we will look skinny and gorgeous like them, which leads us to love our bodies. Thus, the advert is not trying to promote self acceptance but rather loving ourselves wearing the Victoria’s Secret lingerie. Thanks, Victoria’s Secret, for making me feel terrible about myself because I’m wearing a cheap Walmart bra instead of the glamorous VS…show more content…
The word “Body” is slightly larger than the other words of the slogan, followed by “By Victoria” aligned underneath on the right. The product line that the ad is trying to sell is called “Body by Victoria” so it cleverly combines the product name and the positive message in order for us to remember the product name. However, the caption below the catchphrase uses ridiculous rhetorical questions to make us doubt our physique and lower our self-esteem. “Is it sexy?” Why do I have to be sexy? The original purpose of lingerie is for hygienic reasons. Although nowadays, lingeries are meant to visually appeal, the Body by Victoria is a lingerie line made to maximize comfort and its strongest selling point is that it fits our bodies. There’s no reason for us to need to look sexy. “Is it bold or flirty?” Again, the question is misleading since the product that the ad is trying to sell is not meant for those “special nights” but are meant for everyday wear. Despite the fact that the questions asked are of positive aspects which are meant to make us feel good about ourselves, it has a negative effect since we link those attributes to the three stunning models, causing us to compare ourselves and lose our self confidence. The advert states that there the products are bras for “every body” but when the image shown to represent “everybody” are of attractive Angels, we feel excluded

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