The Lark Burying Her Father Analysis

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The Lark Burying Her Father Personal thoughts: One day, a lark’s father had died, and there was no earth, so she could find no place to bury her father. She had no choice but to let her father lie without burying for several days. Finally, she determined to bury her father on her head where has a lot of feathers. Through this story, the author told us a truth that youth’s first duty is reverence to parents. When it comes to young people how to treat to the elderly in today’s society, the opinions vary from person to person. Some people hold the view that young people should take responsibility for their parents, especially when they get older. They argue that raising children is to support them in their old age. After all, they have worked …show more content…

In her repeated request, Venus finally agreed to transform her into a beautiful girl. And the young man loved her too, and took her home as his bride. However, on her wedding night, the cat, seeing a mouse and entirely forgetting her present condition, pursued the mouse and wished to eat it. This story told us that nature exceeds nurture. Though the Venus changed the cat into the form of a woman, her habits of life were still the same as before. In real life, some people, especially some girls, in order to attract others’ attention, they deliberately performed very dignified and lady. However, to do so, not only to make themselves very unnatural, but also let others disgust them. In addition, some people think they’re not pretty. In order to make themselves appear perfect, they do whatever it takes, on the road to plastic surgery. Do you remember when people used to pursue nature? I certainly do, and there was a saying:” natural beauty is as handsome dose.” But I feel that much of the world has somehow gotten away from that. It seems that all the things we see nowadays have already been packed. We couldn’t see the real side of it. Unfortunately, everything is becoming

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