Spying In Amanda Rodriguez's 'Brutally Honest'

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“I don’t call it spying; I call it parenting “this is said by many protecting parents from all over the world. There’s been many debates about this problem, many parents having to spy on their child’s smart phone or social media. First, the parent’s job is to help the child’s development in life, not spy on it. Lori Day has great examples in “Brutally Honest”, an psychologist and mother considers spying “an invasion of privacy and a violation of trust this is said on lines 22-24. She also says in lines 26 -27 “It’s a good way of sabotaging your relationship with your child if you get caught”. A very good example is when a woman says in response for this in line 31-32 “I caught my mother reading my diary, and to this day, I haven’t forgiven…show more content…
If you change the word to monitor, parenting, or oversight it’s still spying. In line 8, Amanda Rodriguez changes the word and it still sounds as bad. In lines 35-36 they say “change the word spy to monitor with a child’s knowledge and you get more agreement on the part of parents that its an entirely appropriate thing to do so” just that alone is bad because it’s just changing the format and you agree. In this story a lot of parents just switch the name so they don’t feel as bad, for example Harley LeBon says “I would refer to call it oversight” Last, children should be treated as children and young adults as young adults. The examples seem that parents don’t treat children as kids. It’s sad that even at a reasonable age parents don’t follow this rule. For example in lines 49-50 a women Janeane Davis says she still checks on her daughters texts and emails even though she is in college. That’s not healthy for real. A good example for doing the right thing is in line 75 -79 when a woman explains her husband made her daughter write an essay, it shows the parents let her choose the result and treated her as a child or young adult. Spying on your child is bad, but only if you do it right and correct kids cant complain. Like in line 66 a women says her husband made her daughter write a essay or other in line 77-78 Jennifer Alsip says she didn’t spy on her daughters but told them she would if they give her a reason to, that’s pretty fair as
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