The Importance Of Monitoring Spyware On Children

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Imagine your parents watching your every move, whether it’s telling your best friend your deepest secret, or talking to your crush, how would you feel? I wouldn’t like my parents being nosy, If I wanted them to know I’d tell them! In his article, “The Undercover Parent,” Harlan Coben makes the argument that parental monitoring spyware should be used by parents. If you’re a parent, living with children or teenagers in the 21st century, then you need to do your research on monitoring spyware. If your next question is “what is spyware?” Monitoring software, otherwise known as spyware, is a program that can be downloaded to your electronic devices and allows you to monitor all activities on specific cell phones or tablets. Specifically, your child …show more content…

I agree when Coben says “Trust is one thing, but surrendering parental responsibility to a machine that allows the entire world access to your home borders on negligence” (1). Because when you, as a parent, allow your child to do whatever he/she pleases to do, you begin to put your child in harm's way. Although allowing your child to do certain things without having to get parental permission, there are things that can be harmful to a child without the child thinking about it. Although spyware is a GREAT idea, don’t completely invade their privacy because they will get antsy and may resort to extreme measures to get around their parents' surveillance. Most teenagers find their time of seclusion when they are on their phones. Once their privacy is limited, teens are willing to do anything to gain it back, which can lead to rebellious actions and possibly illegal activities. There are many dangers on the web that can harm them so yes, you should apply spyware, but make your child aware or he/she might feel as though you don’t trust them. Let your child know that you trust them, but you want to make sure that they’re safe while surfing the web

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