Essay On Teenage Privacy

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All teenagers want full privacy, and the right to be treated like full grown adults. Parents face a really hard time to understand their kids, they feel like their kids are drifting away from them but they don't know what to do, teenagers want privacy, but is it right to give them what they want? And if not, when is the right age that a person obtains the rights of an adult? parents should know when do kids start developing the ability of conceptual thought, that they should know to what level hey should give their kids privacy, that they should not limit their kids and do things instead of them, That the relationship between them and their kids might change and that it's totally normal, that they should trust their kids and give them …show more content…

Teens want to be trusted to do more and more things. They want to be thought of as mature and capable of handling independence. You are able to give them their space and privacy. Time alone, their diary and conversations with friends are examples of private areas you can offer your teen. When you give you teens the privacy they need, they become more independent and build their self-confidence. The balance between knowing what your teen is doing, trusting your teen to have some private matters and knowing when to step in is a fine line that parents walk every day. As the child moves through the teen years from 13 to 18, they move further away from childhood and closer to adulthood. That means they move ever closer to greater independence, self-determination, and with that, greater rights to privacy. So how does your teen get more privacy rights? They earn them. Just like, computers, cell phones, hanging out with friends, and sleepovers. These are privileges to be earned. So is privacy, a privilege to be earned. The way for your teen to earn more privacy and freedom is by building trust. And the best way to build trust is to be open and honest at all times and means to make safer, smarter, choices. In short, to be more responsible and mature. Parents should be open with their kids and sit and listen to what the kids have to say, this will build trust between the kid and the parent. Safe smart choices are determined in part by common

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