Theme Of Dystopia In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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The book Anthem by Ayn Rand is an example of a dystopian society. The definition of a dystopian society, is a society that is in the illusion of a perfect society, but in reality they are living a horrible life, but they don’t know any better. In Anthem the main character equality broke that illusion and figured out what was happening. Another example of a dystopian is the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. In the Hunger Games people lived and districts and had their lives chosen for them before they were born. Those people didn’t know anything from the way they were living, they were living in a illusion. Both of these books are enjoyed by teens around the world. I believe that dystopian literature is popular among modern day teens because …show more content…

Teens feel like they have no choices but what there parents, teachers, or other authority figures, tell them. Just like how all the districts had no choice, but to do what the capital says.Teenagers are very rebellious and don’t want to do what authority figures tell them. Modern day teens are very much like the main character of the Hunger Games Katniss. Katniss was always being told by the capital what to do. Even if she didn’t agree with what they wanted her to do, she still had to do it. If Katniss refused, the capitol threaten to kill her friends and family.This can be related to when teens refuse to do what their parents say, their parents threaten to take away their phones or ground them. In the book, at the end of the hunger games when Peeta and Katniss are the only ones left the capital says “The earlier revision has been revoked… Only one winner may be allowed”(Collins 25). Katniss refused to listen to what the council said, like a teen may refuse to listen what their parents say. Katniss paid for her decision the council made her do a number of horrible things. Just like a parent would punish a teenager. Teens today see these connections between their lives and and the main characters of dystopian books. These connections are what appeals to them so much, and makes them want to read Dystopian

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