The Ideal Society In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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Alexia Redondo p3“Control: To direct the behavior of; to have power over; to direct the actions or function of;” (merriam-webster). The overview of the society in the novel Anthem is, the people of the society believe in equality, the opposite of individuality, and a Dystopian society which is the “perfect” society, but one citizen named equality 7-2521 does not believe in a “perfect” society. The process behind creating a collective society in Anthem requires control over education, family, and knowledge.
Education is a huge roll in every person's everyday life, but in the novel Anthem the society doesn't not agree. In the novel Anthem there are a plethora amount of occupations the society controls over a individual, such as education. For …show more content…

The society could not just stop at education, they control family too, in a very horrible way. Let me show you “All the men older than twenty and all the women older than eighteen are sent for one night to the City Palace of Mating. And each of the men have one woman assigned to them… but women never see their children and children never know their parents” (Rand 41). This shows how the society handles with childbirth and family. Now the society will not even let the citizens show emotion towards anything or anyone which creates a family. Last but not least, the society knowledge the citizens are provided, yeah knowledge.
Would it seem weird for the government to have control over knowledge? Welp, not in the novel Anthem. The book shows the society has control over knowledge. Equality states “we must never speak of the times before the Great Rebirth, else we are sentences to three years in the Palace Of Corrective Detention” (Rand 19). This illustrates, in the novel citizens are punished for knowing and questioning about their knowledge in the past. This agrees with my claim because it shows the society has huge authority over their citizen. Now concluding this paragraph, let's rerun the key

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