Teen Activism Essay

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Is there someone in your life who wants to make a change? Teen activism is about people who believe and stand up for what is right. Teen activists try to change the world with their words. They are believers and they are amazing and brave. Many teen activists like Malala Yousafzai, Alex Libby, Iqbal Masih are all great activists and they each fight for something different.
One very important teen activist named Malala Yousafzai was a schoolgirl born in Mingora, Pakistan in a small village named SWAT. When she was younger her school shut down ,she realized that education is really important so she started to speak up and to tell other people that education is really important but the Taliban (a terrorist group) targeted her and they tried
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Why he is an activist is that he when he was in the 6th grade he was bullied especially on the bus. But the bullying got worse. His parents reported that they wanted to bullying to stop because Alex’s mom thought the he might not want to be in the world anymore because of the bullying. According to www.pbs.org when the parents reported of the bullying the principal said “ I’ve been on that bus the kids are good as gold” Which wasn’t true.So a news crew heard about it and asked Alex’s parents to film what is happening. When they gave permission they started on the first day of school throughout the whole year and saw the horrid scenes what Alex has been through. Once they released the documentary “Bully” many kids were devastated. But Alex moved schools shortly after “Bully” was made he made more friends he didn’t want other kids to suffer through what he has been through so he decided to make a stand and he speaks up and tells schools that bullying can lead up to devastation on kids going to depression or committing suicide and Alex wants to stop it. He speaks up to groups telling them what he has been through. When he was in school Alex said “ I craved friends, I didn’t have friends that was all I wanted, some friendship someone to come over and lift me up when I’m knocked down. I didn’t have that.” Alex was strangled and stolen from. The bullies told Alex that he was worthless and he was called bad
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