Nobel Peace Prize Essays

  • Creative Speech: Malala Yousafzai Nobel Peace Prize Speech

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    After all, in“ Malala Yousafzai Nobel Peace Prize Speech” and in the book “ I am Malala” the author Malala enlightens the people’s minds, her story is powerful which creates her an international symbol of peaceful protest. Malala and her father always fought for what they believed in, she is grateful for having parents that respected her freedom of thought and expression for everyone. Her father encouraged her to follow her dreams of speaking out for peace and education and her mother supported

  • Mother Teresa's Contribution To Poverty Peace

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    was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her impeccable contributions to poverty combat which was seen as a threat to peace. This fallacy is one that is often questioned as the correlation between poverty and peace is so vaguely and subjectively determined. Whilst other laureates were granted the award for either, 1) the most or the best work for fraternity between nations,2) for the abolition or reduction of standing armies or 3)for the holding and promotion of peace congresses, Mother

  • Long Way Gone Speech

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    Elie Wiesel winner of the nobel peace prize, in his speech demonstrates hope, despair, and memory and how it affects one life. He brings this to attention when he states that “all those victims need above all is is to know what they are not alone; that we are not forgetting them...that while their freedom depends on ours, the quality of our freedom depends on theirs”(11). Just like Wiesel’s speech, A long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah shares a view similar to Wiesel , about the importance of hope, despair

  • Mala Yousafzai

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    Malala Yousafzai The Woman Who Stood Up For Girls’ Education Bold, brave, and fearless, are three words that usually come to mind when you hear the name Malala. Many people know Malala Yousafzai as “The girl who was shot by the Taliban”. However, she was much more than that. Malala Yousafzai changed the world by fighting for the importance of girls’ education. She stood up for her rights and everyone else's too. Shot by the Taliban, Malala continues to campaign about educational rights. She has left

  • A Life Of Tragedy: Mahatma Gandhi's Life

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    Introduction “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Uttered by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, this quote symbolizes a life of pain. A life of Tragedy. A Life of Victory. His life. Mohandas or Mahatma as he was more commonly known, fought for racial justice in South Africa and freedom for India from Britain. He wasn't the brightest in school or the best looking, but he overcame hardship and, through countless hours of peaceful protest, achieved independence for a land of the hopeful.

  • I Am Malala Book Analysis

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    government out on not protecting their citizens. The third theme that is prominent in this book is Fame, Power, and the Importance of Role Models because Malala became popular for the ideas she stood for. It became more important when she won the Nobel Peace Prize. This book brought attention to many of the problems this world struggles with, and the people that are fighting to fix

  • A Short Story Of Malala Yousafzai

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    Malala Yousafzai! - The girl who stood up for education and was shot by the Taliban! Who is Malala Yousafazi? The July 12th, 1997 there was a girl born in Mangora, named Malala. Her family had not money enough to pay for a midwife, so a neighbor helped at birth. Malala was one of two children who was not stillborn. She got her name form a woman called Malalai, who was the greatest heroine of Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, it is defeat to give birth to a girl. They think women only can cook food in

  • Analysis Of I Am Malala

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    ‘I Am Malala – The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and was Shot by the Taliban’ is the full title of the autobiography of a Pashtun Muslim girl Malala Yousafzai who lives in the far remote area of Swat Valley in Pakistan. The story is about her struggle to get herself educated as well as to iconize her education for the fellow girls from the Valley. She tries to expose the worst condition of the girls in the Muslim World in general and Pakistan in particular, where even they are not allowed to

  • Short Story: Mala Yousafzai

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    gone through lots in her life, from living in a small town where nobody appreciates the birth of a girl to being shot by the Taliban for going to school. Despite these circumstances, she still spoke up and was the youngest winner for the noble peace prize at seventeen. I am Malala, an autobiography written by Malala Yousafzai and Christina Lamb in October 2013. This story was set in the year of around 2012, which is the time when the Taliban shot her. The story was set in her school and home in Swat

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of I Am Malala

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    I Am Malala Rhetorical Analysis The novel “I Am Malala“ by Malala Yousafzai is the story of how she grew up and what lead her to fight for education and end up having a near death experience when getting shot by the Taliban.Malala’s main goal is for every child to have an education.Moreover,she was able to show the audience why everyone deserves an education by using ethos to develop her credibility for

  • Malala Yousafzai Impact On Memory

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    that lives on is memory. Memory is the legacy that will stand the test time. One memory that will be profoundly important to the world will be that of Malala Yousafzai.Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani activist for female education and the youngest Nobel laureate. At the tender age of ten, she started voicing her disdain for the Taliban: Who took control of her region and started enforcing laws that included girls not being allowed to go to school. Memory is the most powerful thing that a person possesses

  • Charles Spearman's Theory Of Intelligence

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    THEORIES OF INTELLIGENCE INTRODUCTION Throughout history, numerous researchers have suggested different definitions regarding intelligence and that it is a single, general ability, while other researchers believed that the definition of intelligence includes a range of skills. Spearman (general intelligence), Gardner (multiple intelligence) and Goleman (emotional intelligence) have all looked into further research regarding intelligence, where 3 different theories were formed regarding what intelligence

  • Reflection Paper About Unemployment In The Philippines

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    Maria Hey! Mia Hi! How are you? Maria I’m good, thanks for asking. I just came from school… How about you? Any luck finding a job? Mia Well, you know how it is here in the Philippines. Getting a master’s degree won’t secure an occupation for you, what more a high school graduate? Maria Wow! Unemployment is undeniably high in the Philippines. Mia That is true. To be specific, the unemployment rate in the Philippines is 5.7 percent. Maria That is miserable. Have you thought of returning to school

  • Essay About Malala Yousafzai

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    Brave, educational, and smart are three character traits that describe Malala Yousafzai. Many people know that Malala Yousafzai as a girl that was shot by terrorists, but she is so much more. As a well known activist for female education, Malala Yousafzai showed girls without an education that they should stand up for their own rights. Yousafzai inspired women and girls that no one should be able to silence them and their rights. She left a lasting legacy to all girls that you should not be silenced

  • Inequality In Alan Paton's Cry, The Beloved Country

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    the novel’s production and reception plays a large role in the understanding of the novel. The message that Paton tried to deliver in Cry, the Beloved Country was that only when people accept or love each other as fellow human beings will there be peace, progress and beauty, particularly in South Africa. Race inequality can still be seen today as many of the African-Americans

  • Injustice In The Scottsboro Trials

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    Although the Scottsboro trials was not a pivotal event in Black American history, it was an occasion which highlighted the severe injustice of the American legal system and prejudice that black Americans lived in. From 25th March 1931 when 9 black men allegedly gang raped two white girls on the Railroad from Chattanooga to Memphis, a numerous amount of trials, reversals and retrials occurred, the most in American history. Over the course of two decades the ‘Scottsboro boys’ were made celebrities

  • Why Do Celebrities Influence Life

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    The Most Significant Actor Can one point out a celebrity who has influenced their life? In our world, it is impossible to escape celebrity culture. Images and news headings include everything celebrities do from weight gain to divorce. Paparazzi’s take photos and plaster them all over magazine covers which are distributed to the supermarkets and end up on every checkout stand. Occasionally I am even tempted to pick the magazine up to read more. We consume celebrity’s private lives as if it is a

  • Importance Of Career Role Model

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    Do we need a career role model? “To succeed you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you.” - Tony Dorsett. (Former Running Back in the National Football League) A role model is someone who other individuals aspire to be like, either in the present or in the future. Does everyone need a role model? There are many people who have achieved great things in life without having a role model. Is a career role model important to progress in your

  • Angelina Jolie Research Paper

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    Angelina Jolie Research   * and she is known for her humanitarian acts and activism  * Angelina Jolie adopted her first child from Cambodia named Maddox  * Angelina Jolie became the Ambassador of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees   * Angelina Jolie has visited more than 20 countries with world issues to aid refugees running away from war or struggling to make a living with poverty   * Angelina Jolie has been trying to bring awareness about day to day real world issues such as girls and

  • How Did Martin Luther King Impact Today

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    Martin Luther King Jr. had a big impact on us during the 1950s and 1960s. He spoke out against racial discrimination and delivered the “I Have a Dream…” speech to end, or at least try, to put a stop to segregation. Though he never got to fulfill his “dream” of seeing our nation become free of racism (because he was shot on April 4, 1968), he does still have an impact on us today. Here’s why. Civil rights have impacted our nation in a tremendous way. To me civil rights matter. Without civil rights