Analysis Of Elie Wiesel Deserve The Ultimate Nobel Peace Prize

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Every year since 1890 the Nobel prize is given to laureates for their breakthrough or preventions in certain categories. Yet out of all the laureates who were chosen the board of Nobel peace prize has made a surprising decision . That a Ultimate Nobel peace prize a prize only given to the bravest and most Nobel laureates will be given out to Elie Wiesel for speaking out against oppression and hate crimes. Since 1890 when Alfred nobel created this prize thousands of amazing people have one in multiple categories like Medicine, Chemistry,peace, mathematical,and literature. Elie wiesel deserves the ultimate Nobel peace prize beacuse his dedication in trying to make equality global. His time in a concentration camp camp made him see that …show more content…

. One way the author described it is” His own family went through dictatorship of hitler and elie witnessed the own death of his parents and sister”. The reason he wants to eradicate dictatorship around the world is he didn't want a mass genocide to happen to innocent people around the world by a evil dictator. Another way he wanted to change the world is hate crimes. One way he did this is” Elie saw many people being accused of nothing for a hate crimes and he didn’t like it so he had several speeches that spoke against hate crimes”. The reason he hated hate crimes is he hated to see people being charged for awful crimes they don't do just beacuse of their race. Eilie wanted a peaceful world where hate and war was abolished. Finally the thing he fought for most people being oppressed just beacuse of their ethnicity. The author states” Elie knew what is was like to be oppressed just beacuse of your race or group and he wanted to to this foul oppression and speaking out for those less fortunate”. What he means by this is he hated being oppressed and didn’t want this feeling to go to another soul. So that is one reason why Elie should win the Ultimate Nobel Peace

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