Freedom In Into The Wild

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Into the Wild portrays freedom in a sense that Christopher McCandless wants to venture out into the world, even though he had it all. Chris changes his way of life as he gives all of his personal items away as well as; $25,000 from his bank account, his car, and eventually his life. Reasons being that he leaves and does this, is due to the fact that he wants to be on his own and does not want people to depend on him as well as him having the feeling of having to require the obligations of the people around him. Chris had his next two years of college already paid for him by his family. Chris then goes on to tell his parents “I think I’m going to disappear for a while.” He also tells his parents that he is going to head off on a trip however …show more content…

Foreshadowing is present as he is so committed to wanting to leave society for freedom. A person can only be alone for so long and the way that he says he became “Lost in the wild” only he knew that eventually he would miss the real world. Chris then decides to change his name to Alex and let his past stay in the past and just move on. Even though freedom has him completely isolated he would rather be alone than to be around people and their obligations. Alex is living through himself with himself only. He lives only by obeying to his own rules and the rules of nature but not following the law. Alex lives at his own interest. At one point, he is caught shooting a deer and is caught in between trouble because no Alex actually exists and also that he did not have a hunting license. When he Is finally let go he refuses to go get a hunting license because he believes that the government has authority to know Alex’s business and know what he hunts and what he eats. This goes back to the way that he wats to be free but also free from the entire world. He believes that he should have the freedom to shoot whatever he wants and do whatever he pleases. Alex cannot stay in one place for a long period of time so he starts going on foot onto his next adventure. After a month walking through the woods and

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