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Jon Krakauer writes, “McCandless Didn’t conform particularly well to the bush-casualty stereotype. Although he was rash, untutored in the ways of the backcountry, and incautious to the point of foolhardiness, he wasn’t incompetent - he wouldn’t have lasted 113 days if he were. And he wasn’t a nutcase, he wasn’t a sociopath, he wasn’t and outcast. McCandless was something else - although precisely what is hard to say. A pilgrim perhaps.” Chris McCandless was trying to find something out in the wilderness. I believe it was happiness and to let go of his anger with his past. I believe he found these things because he left evidence in his carvings and journals.
Chris McCandless left his life behind in order to get away from his quarreling parents …show more content…

Throughout many points of the movie it was showing his past and showing how his parents were arguing all the time. It captured how their arguing affected him and his sister and how it distanced them. He is seen multiple times acting out what seem to be arguments his parents had. He went to the wild to get away from that and sort his feelings towards them. I believe he found peace and sorted his feelings with them in the wild.
The most revealing evidence what he writes towards the end of the film. He writes, “Happiness is only real when shared.” This proves he was looking for happiness and he realized had found it long ago. Before he died he had wrote on a sign, “I have had a happy life and thank the lord. Goodbye and may god bless all!” This proves he had really found his happiness and was thankful for it, even though he knew he would die shortly after writing this. Based on what he wrote, I believe he would’ve returned home to his family.
I believe Chris was looking for happiness and clarity of his feelings out in the wild. I believe he found it because he wrote many times about his happiness, how he wrote it was best shared with others and how he had a happy life. He also sorted his feelings about his parents in the wild and was ready to go back when he couldn’t cross the river. He found his peace and died with a clear conscience because he found what he was looking

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