Chris Mccandless Arguments

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In particular Chris Mccandless should be supported for he had things happen to him that led up to the point where he wanted to go into the wild to get away from his old life and created a new one for himself to have more opportunities. Others may think he shouldn’t be supported just because he some bad flaws he had and also that he just left his sister who he actually got along with, but here are some reasons that are logical and reasonable to why Chris Mccandless should be supported. One of the reasons why readers should support Chris McCandless is because he is generous, he gave people inspiration, or felt inspired by others, and like in the book Krakauer tells us “Chris’s Father suggested the boy had probably been inspired.”(94),his way of living inspired everyone that you can live anyway you want. Not only but Chris also …show more content…

In Fact Chris never gave up on his goal, as noted on Page 75 in the book Krakauer tells us “Chris cheerfully announced that he had “Recast” his goals and next intended to walk around the world living out of his backpack.” Ever since he had everything handed to him, he always wanted to live somewhere where he could find truth. In all honesty, Chris gave people gifts, in the book it says, “Alex insisted on giving Gallien all he had, and that if he didn’t accept it he would throw it away.”(Krakauer 3) Chris felt that anything that he got from his past life would just be a distraction and he did not really need it. Lastly getting along with people, never giving up on his goal, and giving people gifts are reasons why being faithful kept Chris McCandless going on with his Journey till it led to his

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