Negative Body Image Effect

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Have you ever felt forced by someone or something to modify your appearance? The media?s modern modus of advertising is harming people?s self image. There are contemplative issues that have been caused by the media, consequently to their inefficient methods of advertising. Teens will place their bodies in harmful situations in order to live up to expectations. Teens feel insecure as a cause of not having the bodies that the media expects. Numerous teens get bullied by others for not looking the way as expected. Surprisingly young kids also seem to experience the same situations often. People go through with risky plastic surgeries when it is their only option. There should be rules implemented in the media to stop the negligence of portraying …show more content…

If a person?s negative body image becomes severe it can lead to BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder). It is a serious condition where one becomes obsessed with imaginary defects of their appearance. The side effects of BDD include; depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. They become depressed since they do not feel the way they intend to. Depression can make one physically sick. They experience anxiety since they feel as if anyone can judge them for their appearance. Anxiety as a side effect of a negative body image, usually causes one to cover up their body excessively, change their outfit at least 6 times before going out, and frequently stay inside and not want to go out. Negative body image is one of the leading causes of psychological disorders. If these types of people refuse to seek treatment, it will cause them to be suicidal. Comment by Carla Borges: I understand that this is the main topic and you can use it most of the time but try to use it a little less throughout the essay because it's repeating a …show more content…

They observe people in the media who have done it and there is no other way to achieve what they strive for. They have implantation surgeries done such as gluteus, breast, and fake muscles. They also undergo facial reconstructions, nose jobs, lip injections, etc. People will go through other types of plastic surgeries such as a gastric bypass to lose weight, due to the fact that it is a much faster and permanent solution. Plastic surgery has risks such as fluid build up and infection. Anyone who has or has previously had any disease of an important organ or those who smoke can have the effects of pneumonia, stroke, heart attack, or blood clots in the arms or legs. Those who cannot afford surgery or cannot receive the surgery under their own country's? law will go to foreign countries for them. Getting surgery in a foreign country has higher risk than getting one done in their own country. They cannot get the surgery they want in their own country legally for a reason. It has not approved by the country?s government as a result that it is too risky. In other countries, there is a higher risk of infection by cause of doctors not taking the same precautions. There could also be diseases in that country that one's body cannot recognize and struggles to fight off. Plastic Surgery can be risky if it is not done the correct

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