Negative Body Image And Social People Being Shamed For Their Body

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Men and women nowadays are being assaulted and humiliated into considering that their body is not good enough. Body shaming is uncompromising and punctures deeply. People often listen to their minds expectations, lies, and criticism body shaming themselves. Another way people are being shamed for their body is by the judgement of others. This affects mental health of those who have experienced body shaming by causing anxiety, depression, and loss of self-confidence. There are many different contributing factors to anxiety. In what ways are young adults mental health being affected by the negative body image they hold against themselves is a very high discussed topic nowadays. Writer Leigh Bell explains in her article “Body Image and Social …show more content…

Someone who doesn’t approve of their physical appearance and are experiencing body shaming are more likely to be depressed. Distressing along with the worry of what others think about their body weight and shape manage to reconstruct the symptom of depression into one’s everyday life, possibly leading to suicidal attempts. In the article “Negative Body Image Related To Depression, Anxiety And Suicidality” Sciencedaily talks about the new study done by researchers at Bradley Hospital, Butler Hospital and Brown Medical School and the discovery of body dysmorphic disorder found in patients who have experienced body shaming. Sciencedaily states, “The study found that one third of inpatient adolescents had problematic body image concerns, and that these patients were more severely ill than other adolescent inpatients in a number of important domains. Specifically, those with BDD and shape/weight preoccupations had significantly higher levels of depression, anxiety, and suicidality than other patients with no body image concerns”. This quote shows how body image concerns leads to incorporating BBD elevating the intensity of depression. By the intensity of depression being elevated, suicidal attempts will also be at a higher risk to occur. With body shaming encountering many

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