Appearance And The Cost Of Conformity Analysis

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How one views themselves is not always equal to how others perceive them. Although it is possible to understand certain things from examining the body, how we interpret the body is unique to our own perspective. How our view of the body differs depends on a myriad of factors including race, class, family, and relationships. Each of these variables come together to alter our ideals regarding ourselves and others. In my own case, many of these ideals and how they have changed can be encompassed in the story of my involvement with football. The connections made with my coaches and teammates, my understanding of race and body size, and the medical obstacles I faced through athletics, altered my view of the human body, especially my own. These…show more content…
As explained in the article “The Importance of Appearance and the Costs of Conformity” by Deborah Rhode, how one is treated is often tied to cultural standards regarding appearance. “Many of the mental health difficulties associated with appearance are the product of widespread social stigma and discrimination.”(Rhode 41). I felt this discrimination early on in my life and absorbed the view that my weight and size made me worth less than others. The interactions with my peers contributed to my developing mental state and perception of my body. This stigma was also compounded by other factors, including my…show more content…
In a similar way to how one may use tattooing, I used football to give a clear public symbol of my identity. In the piece “The Identity Crisis under the Ink”, Chris Weller discusses the need for people to declare who they are. “Modernity compels us to declare our identity with conviction, whether we’ve found it yet or not” (Weller). I had found a purpose and sense of identity within football. I wore my identity as a football player proudly, proving to myself and others that my body was now a powerful and important asset. Everything was going well until I faced my first real incident my junior year. Our team was successful during the last couple years, however it was not without sacrifice. Practices were long and grueling and our bodies were pushed to their physical limit, but the cheer of the crowd and the glowing feeling of winning made it all worth it. It turns out however, that the aches and pains of practice were not the only sacrifice to be

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