Narrative Essay On Concussions

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A failure can be a downward spiral or a setback turning into a benefit. When athletes experience head trauma, they only recover a little, which might end their career early or other times people never recover. In the case of my four month concussion, there are residual mental and physical problems. For me, this challenge helped me develop as a person than will work harder and strive for the best in my academics. Running onto the field, I can 't believe we won it - the High School Girls ' Rugby Championship. We all celebrate our exciting moment of victory, but months later the tryouts for the summer travel team would happen. The fun-filled first day was also nerve-wracking, but we all have each other like a family. Then, the next day of tryouts with starting sprints and stretching. Next, the contact portion - tackling with passing - came upon us faster than we thought. The first times through the drill went well, but it’s finally my turn after waiting in line. I run with the ball, get tackled, and wait for my teammate to catch my pass so I could return to the line. SMACK! My teammate 's knee slams into my head leaving me dizzy and with a headache. My AP U.S. History exam came the next week with headaches and faulty doctor’s exams. …show more content…

Through the next months I followed concussion protocols and kept working hard at getting good grades, but also knowing rugby was right around the corner. Running through obstacles of finals and more homework, I battled headaches and the struggle of completing assignments with an injured head. The ending of school transitioned to more concussion protocols and an MRI. Nevertheless, summer was ending with the last concussion appointment. Ready to return to play, I optimistically went into the meeting of dreams to continue rugby. Unfortunately, my dreams disappeared as the announcement of no contact sports rang through the

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