Media's Negative Effects On Self Image

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Have you ever felt pressured by someone or something to change the way you look. The media's modern method of advertising is harming people's self image. Many serious issues have been caused due to their inefficient methods of advertising. Young boys and girls are mostly suffering from this misconduct. Teens will do harmful thing to their bodies in order to live up to expectations. Teens feel insecure because they do not have the bodies they want. Some teens are bullied by others. Very young kids are also going through the same things recently. People take very risky surgeries when it is their only option. There should be rules implemented to the media to stop the negligence of portraying unrealistic body expectations. The media uses radically underweight and often photoshopped models that are impossible or unhealthy for any human being to accomplish. People such as celebrities and models are the ones youth look up too and often achieve to have the same body as theirs. You may think only teen girls are going through this, but adults and children as young as 5 also have these thoughts. Teens…show more content…
If a person?s negative body image becomes severe it can lead to BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder). It is a serious condition where one becomes obsessed with imaginary defects of their appearance. The side effects of BDD are depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. They become depressed because they do not look the way they want to. Depression can make one physically sick. They experience anxiety because they feel like people are judging them for the way they look. Anxiety due to negative body image usually causes one to cover up their body excessively, change their outfit many times before going out, and sometimes not even wanna go out at all. Negative body image is one of the leading causes of psychological disorders. If these type of people do seek help from someone it will cause them to be
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