Disney Princesses Effects On Young Women's Self-Images

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The consumption of the advertisement for the Disney Princesses entitled "Dream Big, Princess - Be A Champion" encourages every young girl to dream big. From the advertisement, women have the ability to partake aspects of life which men dominate. Women can participate in politics and become good leaders, they can be champions in sports like skating, swimming and horse riding, they can improve education by being good teachers and finally women can take part in science fields like astronomy.
From the article “Fairy Tale Dreams Disney Princess ' Effects on Young Girls Self-Images", domestication of women and respectability to marriage partners teach appropriate gendered values and attitudes. Recent films show that women who differ from their earlier
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Many images in media makes girls to be dissatisfied with their images since they believe that other individuals view the idealized images as desirable (Haugen & Musser, 2011). Most of the media images are stereotypical and not real but girls’ constant exposure to those images has led them to seek to attain them since they are made to believe they are ideal. These images affect the girls negatively since they will be dissatisfied with their bodies and have low self-esteem. This influences them to associate with irresistible urge to alter their body images so as to conform to what they deem ideal. They wrongly think that physical appearance is indicative of personal traits.
Young girls from minority cultural groups become dissatisfied with their lack of cultural similarity to the beloved white princesses and this makes them question their racial orientation (Pickering Michael J. VNV., 2010). When they fail to find reflections of themselves in Disney films, they become disillusioned with their self- image and cultural heritage. They may assume that their culture and self-image within a minority group is not highly valued by the

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