Summary Of Frank Bruni's 'Exhausted Superkids'

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Exhausted Teenagers?? Many American Teenagers can have a stressful life but what really is causing the stress? In the article, “Today’s Exhausted Superkids” by Frank Bruni states that school and having “helicopter parents” is the major factor causing stress. But in Robert Pondiscio rebuttal in the article, “The Myth of the Overstressed American Teen” he states that getting more involved creates a positive outcome and doesn’t cause stress. Although Frank Bruni gives some good points, I agree with Robert Pondiscio rebuttal because he states that those who overwork are more focused and determined but I feel like they’re both missing the point that High School isn’t the only component causing a Teenager to be overstressed. High School can cause many stress factors but it can also cause success to many it all depends on what the person is dealing with at home because there is way more things that go into a teenagers life that does not only revolve around High School although it does play a major part. Frank Bruni who is a columnist wrote the article to give his opinion on “Exhausted Superkids.” Bruni claims that school and teenagers having “helicopter parents” is causing them to be overstressed and casue sleep deprivation. During my senior year in High School my mom would always be so controlling and wanted me to take AP courses or take any extracurricular activities after school like joining a sport or going to tutorings. During this year I did take three AP courses but I

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