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Punters are football players too. Punters are considered specialty players and mostly play when the offense goes three and out or on kickoffs if the team’s kicker doesn’t have enough leg power. Their main job is to kick the ball far enough so that he can get it far enough downfield and pin the other team deep in their own territory. Think of the punter as the guy whose job it is to land an approach shot on the green. A lot of people have said they shouldn’t be playing or even consider to be called athletes. Their jobs are too easy and that they can’t tackle as well as not being athletic. Reasons why punters are misinterpret is probably because they aren’t on the field as much as the other players so their jobs are considered easy. Mostly the…show more content…
Many people believe this but the truth is that punters have many more responsibilities than many of these people realize. When the punter is on the field, he’s like the quarterback but instead of throwing the ball, he’s kicking it. He’s responsible for handling the ball on punting downs, and the punter is usually also the holder on field goals units. The punters needs to be aware of everything because his job is to kick the ball before the rush gets there and maybe levels him. Also he has to have the presence of mind to not only kick the football high enough so that the coverage can get downfield to make the tackle but to also kick the football far enough downfield so the opponent has to go the length of the field but to hopefully pinned them on the 1 or anywhere inside the 10 yard line as to oppose of getting a touchback and the opponent starting on the 20 yard line or returning the punt into good field position or all the way for a touchdown. Add to the fact that he has to drop the ball into a small window to ensure the best results. Also in case the teams kicking gets injured during the game, which is rare, then the punter job has now become to pin the opponent and to get 3 points for the team. Now in league these days many teams have had the punter throw the ball in punting formation to get a first because the offense is struggling or they are down and in need of some points. Not just all this that they can do they can even make trickshots with just punting the football. Also you see a lot of punters that get really technical, thinking maybe they need to take a six-inch or three-foot step with their foot. That right there is what an athlete does, they don’t get good at what they do without practice their technique. Seahawks punter John Ryan agrees that punters are football players by saying, “ I don’t think you should just punt the ball and walk off the field,” Ryan says, “ You’re still a
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