Are NFL Careers Good Or Bad?

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Are NFL Careers Good or Bad?
There are many good and bad things about NFL, National Football League, careers, for example “most National Football League (NFL) players suffer concussions, ligament damage, or broken bones. However, for many young men, the perceived benefits of an NFL career – fame, high salaries, medical and training services, and utility from playing football” (Williams). This quotation shows that there are many advantages and disadvantages to an NFL career. Studying the advantages and disadvantages of being an NFL player, coach, trainer, or referee will help people who may want to pursue a career in the NFL.
There are many advantages and disadvantages to being an NFL player. Most NFL players have great benefits like “fame, …show more content…

Many coaches get medical education from team doctors. All coaches should be educated about concussions and the problems that comes with them (Guskiewicz et al). This is free education from the professionals. Coaches also get to travel to lots of different places and states allowing them to see many things (White). Coaches have to deal with discipline problems. According to Ron White, “At the professional level, coaches also deal with disciplinary problems from high-paid athletes. These athletes often make their displeasure public by sharing their grievances with the media” (White). Finally, coaches don’t have secure jobs. Ron White states, “Coaches face constant evaluation. The success of their athletes and teams can determine their longevity in a job. A single poor season can lead to a coach being terminated. Athletes’ parents and sports fans put significant pressure on management to fire coaches when their teams fail to meet expectations” (White). Knowing the good and bad of being an NFL coach will allow somebody to decide if they want to pursue this as a …show more content…

Many jobs are opening up in this field of work. Athletic trainer jobs are growing at a rapid rate because people are realising the importance of them in sports (Ramjee). Being an athletic trainer can lead to other jobs. Becoming an athletic trainer can create opportunities for other jobs like becoming a physical therapist or working in a school (Ramjee). As an athletic trainer you can work with famous people. According to Priti Ramjee, “A passion for sports is another reason an individual chooses a career as an athletic trainer, which combines the pleasure of having a professional job in sports and working closely with often admired athletes” (Ramjee). Trainers get to help and teach athletes. They do things like advise and train athletes on how to avoid injuries and how to use proper equipment and protective devices” (Ramjee). Trainers have trouble recognizing certain injuries. According to Kevin M. Guskiewicz, “The most challenging aspect of managing sport-related concussion is recognizing the injury, especially in athletes with no obvious signs that a concussion has actually occurred” (Guskiewicz et al). Knowing the good and bad of being an NFL trainer will allow somebody to know if they want to pursue this as a

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