Summary Of Alan Turing's Computing Machinery And Intelligence?

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In Alan Turing’s paper Computing Machinery and Intelligence, he proposes a thought experiment that would eventually be tested, and even later be beaten. He describes an experiment where a man and a woman are in two different rooms and an outside observer has to guess at the sexes of the participants. He then suggests that one of the participants be replaced with a computer. Once humanity is unable to tell the difference and will guess that the computer is human at the same rate that it will guess that it is a machine will answer Turing’s thesis of, “Can machines think?’ (434). Turing himself unknown to him, created a great race to make a better and more complex artificial intelligence with this paper. The article since 1950 has been cited over 10,000 times. The way this article revolutionized has not been matched by any other paper in the computing world. Turing himself wore many hats in his life. He was mathematician, code breaker and computer scientist. He was not writing the paper with bias, but he did have some ignorance. Computer science as a subject was not much explored until after the mid 1970’s. This means that he was a full quarter century ahead of his time and there was a lot more to learn than what he had already discovered and hypothesized. He was not paid by any company to write the paper, he just wanted to publish his newest idea. He did have a concern of wanting to advance the field, but when talking exclusively about computer science that would not create

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