Substance Dualism A Solution To The Body-Mind Problem

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Discuss Substance Dualism as a Solution to the Body-Mind Problem Substance Dualism can be the solution to the body-mind problem. Substance Dualism is a Philosophical Position which shows that it is made up of two kinds of substances, material body and immaterial mind. The main basic form of dualism is substance dualism in which the mind and body are both made up of two ontologically distinct substances. Substance Dualism informs that the mind is a completely different substance than the physical brain. For example, if the brain stops working it doesn’t affect the mind because the mind continues to exist. The Body-Mind Problem is the philosophical question of how the mind and body are related and if the mind is a non-physical substance. We spend a large amount of our time and attention to our mind and body. For example, we exercise to keep our body in a good shape, shower to keep it clean, and diet to keep our bodies in a good shape. We also give our mind as equally much attention as our body. We go to school to learn and increase our knowledge, read to keep peace, and sleep to recover and rest our minds. Our minds and body are very useful and important in the human structure. Without them both we wouldn’t have experience any emotions, love, fear, hate and pride. The Dualistic view was fully and clearly explained in the seventeenth century by a philosopher named Rene Descartes (1596- 1650). Rene Descartes was a French Philosopher and scientist known to be the father and the

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