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Discuss Substance Dualism as a Solution to the Body-Mind Problem Substance Dualism can be the solution to the body-mind problem. Substance Dualism is a Philosophical Position which shows that it is made up of two kinds of substances, material body and immaterial mind. The main basic form of dualism is substance dualism in which the mind and body are both made up of two ontologically distinct substances. Substance Dualism informs that the mind is a completely different substance than the physical brain. For example, if the brain stops working it doesn’t affect the mind because the mind continues to exist. The Body-Mind Problem is the philosophical question of how the mind and body are related and if the mind is a non-physical substance. We…show more content…
There are three different forms of functionalism such as the analytic functionalism, physchofuctionalism and machine-state functionalism. Analytic functionalism is the most common of them all, it describes the function of a job description of mental states. The second from is physchofunctionalism in which opposes to the idea of behaviorism and saying no to the physical aspect of the mind. The last form of functionalism is the machine-state functionalism in which was founded by Hillary Putnam. Putnam was an American philosopher whose ideas were based on the apologies of mind. She gave an example by comparing a computer software and a human’s mind working similar to one…show more content…
Thomas Hobbes was an English philosopher in the seventeenth century known to this very day for his political philosophy. Hobbes theory was known for the most accurate view of them all, even to this day many philosophers still think his theory is most precise. Eliminative materialism also know for eliminativism is the theory that only matter exists and nonmaterial minds do not exist. Philosophers have experienced problems with previous views such as behaviorism, functionalism, and identity theory. These philosophers have looked for other solutions to deal with the problem of mind. They have said all of our views we have about our minds are wrong and false. The opposing philosophers that think otherwise made a new view called “Eliminative materialism”. It claims that understandings of the human mind are not accurate at all or in other words, it is known for a false view. For the people who believe in eliminative materialism, beliefs, desires and intentions are not accurate to them (Velazquez, 94). Some of the critics of eliminative materialism are not all favorable, this view relies on the mental states that do not

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