Immigrants Is Changing The American Dream

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Robots and machines were created to make our lives easier by taking repetitive jobs off our hands and saving time. For instance electric washing machines transformed clothes cleaning from an hours-long task into something accomplished with the push of a button. Recently machines have started to take a bigger role in our lives putting some out of work. Factory and manual labor provide uneducated and unskilled workers with entry level jobs to make a living. In the past, America was promoted as the land of opportunity which brought in new people from around the world, but studies are showing a steady decrease in Immigrants today. Technology has also affected wages disrupting the consistency of available jobs. Through the stimulus sources that were studied I was able to come up with a research question which is, How has the perception of the United States being the land of opportunity changed and is it negatively affecting unemployment rates and immigration due to new technology? …show more content…

The 2017 stimulus sources provide the basic theme that is very prevalent in my article, this theme is technology and work and how they are changing the American dream and the world. Today immigrants have a better opportunity to succeed at their native countries causing less people to come to

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