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  • Computer Science In Computer Engineering

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    aptitude for the problem solving and problem discovery that involved in Engineering. Due to my deep interest, I am planning to pursue Masters of Applied Science in - Computer Engineering from your prestigious university. I have completed my undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering with distinction from ANNAMACHARYA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCES affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (a Pioneer University in India). My career objective is to pursue research in the field of Machine

  • Science In Computer Science

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    In the past few decades, science and technology has been growing at a very rapid pace. One of the main reasons has been the advancement in Computer Science. The impact of computers in the daily life of a normal man is enormous. Right from paying electricity bills online to video calling friends/family, computers have redefined norms. It has made lives of so many people across the globe easier and more comfortable. With Computer Science, I wish to make a difference. In order to do so, I believe it

  • Purpose Of Computer Science

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    waves has always intrigued me. Every time I looked at a computer terminal I wondered how those letters that are printed on a keyboard when typed could transmit information that was read, understood and processed by the system. I always wondered what could be the use of that contraption that lay beside the monitor people called CPU. It is this curiosity to understand the internal functioning of this device that led me to take up Computer Science as a major in Bachelors among other disciplines. Growing

  • Computer Science Purpose

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    My career objective is to pursue research in the field of Computer Science. I strongly believe that a suitable opportunity to pursue graduate studies will contribute to my effort towards realizing my career goal. For the past few decades, there has been a tremendous development in the sphere of computer science and technology. The focus of this advancement is making human life much more comfortable and less strenuous than earlier, whether it is at the house or at the workplace, I would like to

  • Reflection Of Computer Science

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    hauled my attention completely. The lines that had enormous impact on me were “Computer Science actually has a lot in common with magic; It is to learn how to formalize intuitions about process, how to do things, starting to develop a way to talk precisely about how-to knowledge; Techniques of controlling complexity is what this course is really about, and in some sense, that is really what Computer Science is about; In building large program, there is not all that much difference what

  • Career In Computer Science

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    make a good progress ahead in Computer Science has motivated me to pursue graduate studies. My keen interest in Computer Science stems from a natural aptitude for logic and mathematics. Ever since I was in school, I have had a strong inclination towards Mathematics and Science. This placed me at the top in Mathematics and Science in my high school with 100% marks. My success at the National Talent Search examinations boosted this interest. I was also introduced to Computer classes in school and was

  • Sp In Computer Science

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    later on in life I was drawn towards Computer Science since it is simple logic, arithmetic and application. Computers are machines that I fancied since childhood and ever since I had a strong curiosity to learn the minutiae of its working. I always inquired as to how this technology evolved, developed and has reached its zenith today. In my school days, I visualized computers as sheer entertainer. As I grew older, I acquired multi-faceted information about computers, which showed me a sensible way to

  • Computer Science Purpose Statement

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    My purpose of applying to Masters in Computer Science at Arizona State University is to gain skills and knowledge to accelerate the innovative research and development happening in the field of computer science. Ever since I was a child, I have always dreamed of advancements in science and technology that would make humans a truly multi-planetary species in the near future. I have been keenly following the novel developments in the field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and strongly

  • Computer Science In Medical Science

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    Pathology is the study of diseases and is one of the branches of medical science that many people try to steer away from because it is considered hard and conceptualize. Alternatively, computer science is the principle of using computers to solves issues. Many of the problems in society including areas of science, business and healthcare can be solved with using computers. Therefore, Pathology is one of those areas where computers can help aid in making work more efficient, diagnosing people in the future

  • Career Achievements In Computer Science

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    for the better. The link between humans and machines with respect to computing is the computer, and it is computer scientists, my career goal, that are managing to transcend the gap between machines and humans, and make computers perform increasingly amazing tasks. I am a senior at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), majoring in Information Security and minoring in Applied Mathematics. Early exposure to computers and my secondary school education stimulated my

  • Computer Science And Technology

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    The computer is the most wonderful gift of science to the modern man. In this age of science and technology, humanity is witnessing an explosion of knowledge (Lyons, n.d.). Computer a machine that promises to beat man in various fields is one the latest useful inventions word today. The computer can do all the works of man. Thus, after the invention of computer, the gap between man and machine has been bridged up. The computer fever his caught everybody from a child of three to an old man of seventy

  • Benefits Of Computer Science

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    becoming better, safer, more economical, and even possible thanks to the contributions of computer science. However, being a computer science student isn’t easy at all. I doubted my decision to major in this discipline when I stepped into the computer science classes, lost in all kinds of terms and theories, or when I meddled in the codes and bugs, anxiously and exhaustedly. But this is the charm of computer science—problems keep mounting while solving them will give you a sense of achievement and push

  • Computer Science Statement Of Purpose

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    - Statement of Purpose I have developed this pristine love for computer since a very tender age which has grown manifolds over the years. Computer Science is an area where I have performed remarkably well and that too quite effortlessly due to my fervent interest in the subject. It is the subject that has always shined the most on my report cards all through my adolescence. The burning desire to be at the zenith has been the impetus throughout my career

  • Computer Science Assignment

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    with I am doing bachelor of Computer Sciences at UoPeople. Electronics and Computer science are my interests, as you see now a days ,Electronics is most popular area of work and study in the world.Electronics is making things compatible and easy to use.Just one command to that thing to whom we want to operate,and it will work according to our will.Electronics and computer science are co-related to each others.If we take Electronics as hardware,then Computer Science is software,and we can't operate

  • Statement Of Purpose For Computer Science

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    closely associated with the field of computer science. My keen interest in computers and the desire to forge ahead in this field has propelled me to pursue graduate studies. To start with my academics, I completed my schooling in Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1 Vijayawada, where I was guided and supported in every possible way to make me an all-rounder. The vast exposure to social-science exhibitions and Olympiads has helped me develop better in the field of science. I’ve successfully passed every academic

  • Purpose In Computer Science And Engineering

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    Since the day I started my undergraduate course in Computer Science, I had a clear objective– to pursue my education in the subject in a through and extensive manner. My interest in the subject, and the industry, of computers has always been a motivation, in my academics and outside. Having completed a course in Computer Science and Engineering, my future path is clear to me, to pursue a Masters in Science. I finished my high school from Nasr School Boys, an institution which is considered to be

  • Computer Science Personal Statement

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    second year in college. I had a chance to take up computer programming as part of my curriculum. I still remember the good times I used to spend in the Computer Science lab typing out programs in C-language. As a result of my interest, I was awarded with a good grade in that subject. That is when I came to know that I had a natural inclination towards computers, which has now become a desire, a driving force to pursue my Masters in Computer Science. During the last two years, besides the college

  • The Role Of STEM In Computer Science

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    2.1 STEM and Computer science STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics but the meaning is not completely clear. There is the common misconception that the “T” (for technology) means computing, thereby distorting the intended meaning of the STEM acronym (M. Sanders, 2009). STEM is often mentioned in the contexts of natural sciences and mathematics, much less in the contexts of engineering and technology. Although the STEM acronym by itself was initially coined to highlight

  • Career Goals In Computer Science

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    change the world. The linkage between humans and machines with respect to computing is computer, and it is computer scientists, being my career goal, that are managing to transcend the gap between machines and humans, and make computers perform increasingly amazing jobs. I am a senior at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, majoring in Information Security and minoring in Applied Mathematics. Early exposure to computers and secondary school education stimulated

  • Purpose In Computer Science Engineering

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    level of education and technical knowledge with a vie to transverse to new horizons in a chosen field of study. The vast application potential and the tremendous scope for research in Computer Science Engineering always fascinate me and therefore I intend to continue my academic pursuits in the field of Computer Science. It is well-known fact that U.S.A is the right place for students endeavoring to scale new heights of knowledge and specialize in any chosen field of study in general, and more particularly