Casey Anthony Murder Case

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This story Is about Casey Anthony And the murder case of her daughter Caylee Anthony. Casey was 20 years old When she had Caylee. It appeared that Casey and Caylee had a normal loving mother-and-daughter relationship with the naked eye. But Casey was still young and trying to figure out and live out her young life. Therefore, she wasn’t ready for kids mentally but her mom insisted that Casey had the baby when she got pregnant. One day on July 15, 2008, the unthinkable happened. Casey claimed her baby was missing and she didn't know what happened to baby Caylee, there was the biggest case investigated. One reason that she is guilty is that she is a liar, cheater, and manipulator. She should have been found guilty just based on the numbers. …show more content…

She is even made up of two co-workers and a supervisor. It turns out that she hasn’t worked there for two years. It turns out that Zenaida Gonzalez- lives in a different city appearance is different from what she describes from doesn't know Caylee or Casey. She had a whole system to hide her child which involved Casey telling her Boyfriend that Caylee is with her grandparents, and telling grandparents that Caylee was with the Nanny. Casey also told other lies that made her look guilty in court and the public eye as well. She started out lying about her baby from the beginning she lied to her boyfriend at the time nobody knows who was the dad about her being pregnant by him, and later claimed she was raped at a party. Casey also told the police that she used to work at Universal Studios and no one even heard of her at Universal Studios. To add to the list of lies Casey also told, she told police that she had a Nanny name Zenaida Gonzalez who was Keeping Baby Caylee the whole time. Later on, she admitted there was no nanny. She also told her best friend that Caylee was with her grandparents. In Addition, …show more content…

Cindy Anthony got on the stand and said it smelled like garbage. If that were true then why did the car have human female hair in the trunk of the car? Chloroform in the trunk. The flies left “grave wax” on a paper towel. Duct tape holding the jaw to the skull. Murder weapon. Cyber-proof that there was chloroform, self-defense, “foolproof suffocation. If it was just trashed, how come the Cadaver Dog smelled the evidence in the trunk when they found hair in the trunk of the car? Additionally, the defense said that Caylee drowned in the family pool on June 16, 2008. It claimed that Casey Anthony’s father, George Anthony, found the dead body in the pool in the backyard and that he helped her dispose of the body. We know that she didn't drown in the pool because he didn't call 911 on his granddaughter. If she drowned that day and was buried that same day then why was all the evidence found in the

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