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Casey Anthony Trial Casey Anthony, who is now Twenty-Eight years old, was accused of murdering her two year old daughter, Caylee Anthony around June 2008. In 2011 the mother was acquitted of the charges of murdering her daughter. While researching for information on the case, I found that the young child had been missing for nearly a month before the mother had mentioned anything about her daughter missing. Casey’s mother, Cindy Anthony, called into the police the disappearance of her granddaughter, after Casey had made up several lies about where Caylee could possibly be. In this paper it will discuss the trial thoroughly from the lies, the evidence, and the verdict with more information from the trial. (“Casey Anthony” paragraph 1-2) Casey Anthony told many lies throughout the trial, and each time they found evidence of the lies she had told. The Court found Casey guilty of four counts of “providing false information to a law …show more content…

She was seen clubbing and showed no signs she was concerned about her daughter’s death or disappearance. Casey’s farther also testified against her because he had gas cans that had turned up missing and Casey had taken the gas cans because her and her boyfriend admitted to stealing them from his shed. George, Casey’s father, also mentioned there was a certain kind of duct tape that was placed on one of the cans, which did not return on the can. Apparently that was the duct tape that appears with the remains of Caylee’s body (“Casey Anthony Trial”). After thirty three days of testimony and four hundred pieces of evidence, and a day of discussing the situations, the jury had come to a verdict. Casey had been found not guilty of murdering her two year old daughter. She was convicted guilty of false information to law enforcement. (Lohr David, paragraph

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