Caylee And Anthony: The Case Of Casey Anthony

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Caylee Marie Anthony was born to Casey Marie Anthony, 20 and an unknown father in Orlando Florida on August 9, 2005. Little did everyone know that in just a few short years, Caylee and Casey Anthony’s story would be torpedoed into the national news spotlight with the news of Caylee Anthony’s disappearance. At the time of Caylee’s birth Casey lived in her parents, George and Cindy Anthony’s home. George Anthony was a retired police homicide detective and Cindy Anthony was a registered nurse in the state of Florida. The Anthony home is also where Casey continued to live while raising Caylee until two thousand and eight. During this time, Casey left much of the care of her daughter Caylee to her mother and father while the unemployed …show more content…

The prosecution believed that Casey Anthony chloroformed Caylee leading to her death. Casey then drove around with Caylee’s deceased body in the back of her car for days until it ran out of gas and she left it abandoned on the side of a road. Casey then dumped Caylee’s body in the woods 15 houses from the Anthony home for the duration on the summer until the body was found in December 2008. The prosecution also found evidence that they believe collaborates Casey knew that Caylee was deceased by the fact that Casey got a tattoo just days after Caylee went missing on her shoulder that said “Bella Vita” which means “Beautiful Life” in Italian on July 2nd, 2008. The tattoo would hopefully prove or a least question why if Caylee was only missing at this stage did Casey get a tattoo possibly memorializing her child’s life and that Casey did in fact know of Caylee’s death before anyone even knew she was missing. Further testimony from the tattoo artist, Bobby Williams also revealed that Casey called a few days ahead of time to make an appointment for the “Bella Vita” tattoo and acted “normal” and “happy” during the tattoo session. The prosecution planned to paint Casey Anthony as a self –centered, narcissistic single mother who had a child too young, lacked responsibility and lied about her employment and many other things to her parents. They claimed Casey wanted to party like her friends who did not have the responsibility of a child and to get rid of Caylee was the only way she could do

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