Susan Cox-Powells Murder

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Josh Powell. The murder of his wife. The missing persons' case of Susan Cox-Powell was a horrifying story that many understand is at the fault of her husband, the father of her two children. This case started back when they met when Susan was 18 and Josh was in his 20s. It was said that the two were having marital issues, and Josh wasn’t a greatly involved father. Would this be support for the fact that Josh Powell killed his wife? The night of Susan’s disappearance, Josh said that he took his two sons on a midnight camping trip while she was asleep. He claimed that when they came back she was missing. It was pronounced by Josh that Susan never came with them, it was just the two boys and himself. As the case went on and was further looked …show more content…

Steve protected him and secluded Josh and the boys from the public eye. Josh was isolated and wouldn’t talk to anyone wanting to gather information. As time went on, the community eventually wanted to make a bigger statement and get inside Josh and Steve’s heads. Outside of the market the two men usually went to, people were holding signs, waving, and honking to get the attention of people, especially Steve and Josh. Steve finally gave in and went up to the chaos and admitted something that would possibly ruin Josh’s and his lives. He admits on camera that there was a sexual relationship between him and Susan. Steve wrote songs about her, would try and record her, or take pictures of her, and said he was very aroused by her presence. He would save personal items used by Susan and take things of hers that could be considered revolting. Although, it was recorded that Susan had no interest in him and wanted him to stop. Steve was eventually investigated and convicted of child pornography. Could he be the other answer to Susan’s disappearance? Was it not Josh that was guilty, but his father? This could be a good escape for Josh, and what some may think is the solution to the mystery of Susan. Although this may be true, what Josh continues to do, makes it hard to believe he was

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