Susan David Powell Murder Case Essay

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Susan Cox Powell mysteriously disappeared one night after her husband and two sons went on a camping trip. On the morning of December 7, 2009, Susan did not show up to daycare with the boys which is not like her. People became concerned as to where she was and eventually found out that she disappeared and nobody, including her husband Josh, knew where she was. Although there was no evidence against Josh Powell for the murder of his wife Susan, it is highly possible he committed the crime based on his behavior and what his children shared about that night. Firstly, Josh Powell likely committed this crime because during the interviews conducted with him and his young son, Charlie. Some things were said that would put a spotlight on Josh. When Charlie was asked who he went camping with that night he answered, “My dad, my little brother, and my mom.” The fact that he mentioned Susan going camping with them and Josh said she didn't because she stayed home should raise …show more content…

Josh had lost custody of his boys and was only allowed supervised visitations. When the social worker came with the boys for a visit, Josh took them inside and quickly closed and locked the door so she couldn't get inside. The supervisor said Josh had a crazy look in his eyes, she smelled gas, and she heard him tell the boys that he had a surprise for them. A few minutes later after trying to get help, the house exploded with Josh and the two boys inside. The bodies of Charlie and Braden had wounds and gas in their lungs. This crime committed by Josh is considered a murder-suicide. Josh killed his children because they were starting to talk more about what happened to their mom. Josh didn't want people to find out the truth about what he very likely did, so he killed them, along with himself. This gives a good reason why Josh is most likely the murderer of

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