Susan Powell Case

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For 13 long years, Susan Powell has been missing. Her husband, Josh Powell, is dead by his own hands. Their children are also dead, murdered by Josh. Susan and Josh were in a rocky marriage, with infidelity and domestic issues causing them to grow distant. Josh’s father, Steve also made sexual advances towards Susan, further dividing the married couple. While Josh Powell was never charged with the murder of his wife, his actions before and after her disappearance can only mean that he was the cause of her death. Firstly, Josh refused to help with the investigation and searches for Susan. When questioned by investigators he said he didn't know where she was. He became a shutout, hiding inside his fathers home. When members of Susan’s family held up signs about Susan’s disappearance near a grocery store Josh frequented, he went up to them angry and started a confrontation, before storming off. Josh refused to meet with the media, hiding or running from them when he got a chance. Josh’s refusal to help with the search and investigation surely points to him as a suspect. Secondly, the Powells’ children, Charlie and Braden Powell, may have been witnesses to the crime. Charlie told investigators that Susan didn't come back from the camping trip and that “mommy is where the …show more content…

He went on a late night camping trip during the winter. It would have been far too cold to go camping, and he even came back to the house that night. The children said that mom came with them on the camping trip, and did not return. There was a tarp and shovel discovered in the back of his vehicle, and he thoroughly cleaned it afterwards, potentially destroying any evidence linking him directly to her disappearance. Additionally, he rented a vehicle, and drove 800 miles away, further adding suspicion to him. If he didn’t murder his wife, why did he rent a vehicle and drive 800 miles away, and why did he clean out the family

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