Lack Of Guilt In Walter Dean Myers's 'Monster'

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Many times in life, people are accused of actions that were not theirs. They must go through a series of events to prove this action wrong and abhorrent. In the novel, Monster, written by Walter Dean Myers, Steve, a sixteen-year-old boy, young and confused, has been placed on trial accused of felony murder. As the jury looked into this case, they came to the conclusion Steve was not guilty. Many factors led to the conclusion of Steve being proven not guilty. There was a lack of evidence to convict Steve guilty. Others have shown Steve's lack of guilt through their actions. On the night of the robbery and murder, there was no proven statement Steve was at the convenience store. He was caught up with the wrong people at the wrong time. Firstly, Steve is found innocent in the story Monster due to lack of evidence. As Steve is on trial the jury comes to the conclusion they can’t find Steve guilty. The defendant, earnest and petrified, could only think about being proven innocent. As the defendants have more evidence than Steve of the murder and of being at the convenience store at this time, they can be proven guilty. “...there were 2 men in the store, 2 men involved in the robbery. And we have 2 men who …show more content…

As stated on multiple occasions in the story, the others convicted were proven to be at the convenience store the night the robbery took place. The only evidence provided would have to be the witnesses, who in retrospect were not reliable. “The State doesn't even suggest that he was in the store during the robbery.” “The state does contend that somewhere, sometime, Steve got together with someone and agreed to participate in this robbery.” These two quotes from the book are both to show how Steve could not be held to his whereabouts on the night of the murder. He was never 100 percent at the convenience store the night the cashier was

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