Jodi Huisentruit Murder

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Imagine your daughter is on her way to work as if it was any other day and then you discover that she never made it. Her belongings are found scattered around her car. Still after almost 21 years she is nowhere to be found. This is how the parents of Jodi Huisentruit feel to this day. Jodi Huisentruit disappeared on June 27th 1995, she was 27. She was a news anchor for KIMT, a local news station. Nobody knows what happened to her except the perpetrator who kidnapped her. Jodi Huisentruit was running late to her job at KIMT. She was scheduled to be on the air at 6 A.M. Her boss, Amy Kuns called her to ask where she was. Jodi answered saying she overslept and was on her way. By 6 A.M. Jodi still wasn't at work. Amy filled in for her on the …show more content…

Her red car was still parked in the lot. Her belongings were on the ground around the car. Her things included red high heels, a blow dryer, hair spray and earrings. Jodi’s neighbors reported hearing screams and a jogger stats she was almost hit by a white van speeding out of the parking lot. Jodi’s key was bent inside of the car. Police believe she was unlocking her vehicle to leave when she was abducted. The police found one clue. A unidentified palm print on the car. The prints have not been matched to any suspects or persons of interest still to this day. One person of interest that should be investigated further is John Vansice. John Vansice was the last person to see her. He was at her birthday party and she came by his house to watch a video. Vansice was already a person of interest in a double murder case in Newton called the Collar Dollar Ranch Case. When writing this paper I was thinking of theories about what could have happened to Jodi. What I found ironic was the fact that she disappeared on the 27th and she is 27 years old. My theory is that she staged her abduction and changed her name. She could be out walking around Mexico unharmed and hair dyed. A completely different

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