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Jonbenet Ramsey’s body was found on December 26, 1996. Her family was essentially the American Dream. Jonbenet was a toddler beauty queen; she was following in the steps of her mother (Patsy Ramsey) who was Miss West Virginia in 1977. Her father (John Ramsey) was President and Chief Executive Officer of Access Graphics, they were pretty rich. Jonbenet also had a brother named Burke Ramsey who was nine at the time of the murder, and who now lives in Charlevoix, MI. There is a ton of speculation of what happened the night of Jonbenet's murder. The murder was never solved, and it will probably remain that way. On that dreadful night (December 25, 1996), Patsy and John came home from a Christmas party and found Jonbenet asleep. They took her …show more content…

Some may find this piece of evidence not important, but the night of her death Jonbenet did wet the bed; Patsy HATED that Jonbenet was wetting her bed. That night she could’ve got so mad at her and accidentally did the deed. The ransom note was analyzed and Patsy’s writing was said to be a possible match to the note, but it was inconclusive. Patsy also found the note, which was placed on the back of the stairs (the part you see while walking up). This is odd because she claims to have found it while walking down the stairs and it would essentially be impossible for her to see the pages. As mentioned earlier Patsy was a beauty queen, could it be possible that she was jealous of her daughters …show more content…

What kind of murderer is comfortable taking their time writing a three page ransom note while the family sleeps and could wake up at any moment?
Evaluation - John Ramsey: I don’t believe John killed his daughter. He could’ve been told to go check the basement or maybe he was trying to see if his daughter was hiding. Lots of people find the bodies of a murder and are not the killer, but are thought of being the reason the body is there. As odd as it is that he found her in a room barely used he doesn’t have a motive. Also, the handwriting was found to definitely not be his. As for the raping the object that was used was said to be very small; like the size of the end of a paintbrush (which was never found). Therefore I don’t think John murdered Jonbenet.
Evaluation - Burke Ramsey: I don’t think Burke committed the crime either. Even though his behavior was odd. After the murder Burke was secluded from other children. He wasn’t able to develop his social skills like a normal child. During the interviews I believe he was nervous because he wasn’t exposed to anything like this before. Is it possible he could have killed her? Yes. I don’t presume that is the case

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