Jonbenet Ramsey Murder Essay

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The murder of JonBenet Ramsey is a crime that received national attention and was seen on nightly news stations and talk shows across the country. All of this attention made the case extremely controversial (Saferstein, 2015). It is now over twenty years since the murder occurred and the case still remains unsolved. The development of DNA evidence has played a critical role in the course of this arduous investigation (Saferstein, 2015). Crucial mistakes were made from the very start of the investigation by police and then by the district attorney, Mary Lacy (Saferstein, 2015). JonBenet was the six-year-old daughter of Pasty and John Ramsey (Saferstein, 2015). This family, including JonBenet’s nine year old brother Burke, lived in Boulder, Colorado and sometime during December 25-26, 1996, JonBenet was murdered most likely inside the home (Saferstein, 2015). Pasty Ramsey maintains after a party with friends and family she put JonBenet to …show more content…

The autopsy concluded she died from strangulation and head trauma (Death of a Six, 2017). It is unknown what caused her fractured skull. JonBenet was found dead with her wrists tied above her head and duct tape covering her mouth. The makeshift garrote constructed with a busted wooden handle from a paintbrush and cord was still around her neck. The sophistication of the knots suggests that whoever constructed the garrote had superior knowledge in working with line (Death of a Six, 2017). The medical examiner also stated rape was not indicated from the autopsy; however, sexual assault may have been a factor. The autopsy showed JonBenet had consumed pineapple before being murdered (Death of a Six, 2017). Investigators believe JonBenet died somewhere between 10pm on Christmas and 6am the following morning. Due to the decomposition of her body, it’s believed it was closer to 10pm (Death of a Six,

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