Str 581 Week 1 Case Study Magnolia Brands External Environment

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1 3 Case Study Analysis Sieta Graham University of Phoenix Professor: McClintock STR/581 Due Date: 04/25/23 Magnolia Brands External Environment Magnolia Brands is based on a vision of being an entrepreneurial by flipping homes. Not only was the magnolia brand involved with flipping homes but other projects as well such as a television show and bakery. The idea was to start of by buying a home that doesn?t cost very much. Then start renovating and sell the home for a high potential margin. When you factor in an external environment you dela with what can happen and influence the company from a outside point of view. Such as social, legal, and economic factors. In this case the company market ventures, source of revenues and new customer base is the components that will impact their ability to achieve their vision. Major competitors …show more content…

They have many competitors that are surrounded around their company. To name a few Aaron Brothers, Pottery Barn, Melissa, and Sprinkles and many more. Having many companies selling similar services or goods while trying to meet customer needs can be very challenging. They will have to look at new ways be successful and bring in more revenue in the changing market. Factors affecting growth As an organization the culture and structure of company and their ability to keep adapting in the changing market will affect their growth. Also, the structure and materials that they are investing in. The company customer service is also a major factor. Because the business is family owned can also be a real challenge. Part of the reason their show was put to a halt was because of hours related to personal reasons. Sometimes customers don?t like change such as when they change the name to the caf?. Relying on customers ideas and trends can make a difference. Internal

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