Swot Analysis Of The Cheesecake Factory

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The Cheesecake Factory, Inc. is uncontested in its commitment in providing value to consumers in an upscale casual dining atmosphere, which has led to its impressive customer loyalty and brand. Key marketing challenges and opportunities for the Cheesecake Factory include international expansion, bakery operations, perception, customer loyalty programs and advertising. The restaurant chain has thrived in the North American market, but has yet to take full advantage of the global one. This opens an opportunity for the Cheesecake Factory to capitalize on their weakness and expand their international chain with a developed competitive strategy. In addition, the Cheesecake Factory is known for its cakes and pastries so by increasing its baking operations and separating it from the established restaurants it provides an …show more content…

This can also be attributed to its high priced menu, since many large middle-class families simply can’t afford it. By broadening their public perception and pricing model, it will allow new customers and demographics to experience their restaurants and menu items. An opportunity that has yet to be capitalized on is a rewards program for frequent/loyal customers. This would keep them coming back and has the ability to create new loyal customers in the process. Finally, The Cheesecake Factory lacks in its advertising strategy. It is rare to see a commercial or magazine page solely devoted to the restaurant chain. Currently, their promotion relies on the backs of journalists and food critics writing articles or reviews on them, and customers spreading it through “word-of-mouth” to people they know. A new advertising strategy with billboards, commercials, radio, etcs. would see significant improvement in brand awareness and consumers coming into The Cheesecake Factory on a daily

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