Is Chick-Fil A Healthy?

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Bias of Fast Food Chains “Fast food is popular because it's convenient, it's cheap, and it tastes good. But the real cost of eating fast food never appears on the menu.” (Schlosser). Many people favors several popular Fast food restaurants in a way that impacts others’ opinions about that specific restaurant. The bias of many media outlets mainly affects people negatively since the unawareness of credible information shapes peoples’ knowledge and opinion of fast food. As they collect huge amounts of profits through the food they make for their customers, their popularity increases. In terms of money, they tend to get competitive with each other; thus, they try to upgrade their food to a more healthy direction to attract more customers,…show more content…
The author analyzes those ingredients by stating how they’re gratuitous to put in their food to make it sound that Chick Fil A lied about their motto of giving out healthy food. It was portrayed that the intended audience were the families who eat at Chick Fil when he stated,“Monosodium glutamate is an excitotoxin that affects brain function. While I’m not ready to claim that MSG and ADHD are strongly linked, I have no doubt that screwing with children’s neurotransmitters isn’t a good thing.” (Heary) The author tries to make Monosodium glutamate (MSG) look dangerous for children’s health to the parents when it is actually a food enhancer used in many foods. Although reports of reactions to food that contains MSG makes the topic controversial on whether it affects our body system or not, researchers stated that there is no clear evidence that MSG used in food is actually involved in the cause of those symptoms. Furthermore, the author’s statement about MSG affecting our brain function shows false correlation, connecting phenomena with conditions that don’t exist. Another example of their usage of false correlation was when they stated,“They believed the same about Subway until they found out they use yoga mat chemicals in their bread to make it more stretchy. Oh shit — that same chemical is in Chick-fil-A chicken…show more content…
Undoubtedly, the people who eat at fast food chains are their intended audience, as they state “Before you start, we recommend going and getting a Munchie Meal or Postmating one over.” (Newtrients) The quote proves that their intended audience are consumers since they are recommending the food to anyone. Although the article may seem informational towards this audience, the information given should not be considered credible since it is incomplete as they stated, “Take your first bite of that crunchy taco. Do you taste that crunchy lettuce? It’s filling your body with iron, calcium, and magnesium. All essential life nutrients.” (Newtrients) As established in the quote, the author is being vague about the other ingredients that a taco contains since they ignored the negative downsides of tacos. Due to the fact that the article is not credible, the article is also considered bias, as they state,“Take a bite of that Siracha Burger, as you bite into that bun, you’re nurturing your body with carbohydrates (yes, you heard that right). Your body is converting those carbohydrates into glucose to use for energy at nearly all processes of your body.” (Newtrients) Without a doubt, the author showed how people would receive energy just by
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