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Company Summary What is Einestien Bros Bagels? As of 2012, Einstein Bros. Bagels, a bagel and coffee chain in the United States, had 773 restaurants under this brand name. The Band name was established by the chain restaurant corporation Boston Chicken (now called Boston Market) in year 1995, in order to market breakfast foods. The chain is now owned by Einstein and Noah Corp., totally owned by Einstein Noah Restaurant Group, Inc., which was previously known as New World Restaurant Group, which also owns Noah 's Bagels, Manhattan Bagel, Chesapeake Bagel Bakery, and New World Coffee.”1 Although Einstein Bros. Bagels is known to people as a bagel shop focusing more on breakfast meals, but today, it offers a large and changing menu of salads …show more content…

A combination of local media and local store marketing programs will be utilized at each location. Local store marketing is most effective, followed by printed ads. As soon as the physical existence of our franchise is recognized in the market, then broader media will follow. However, we believe that the best form of advertising is still “our service delivery and our unique products." By providing a fun, energetic and friendly environment, with unbeatable quality at an acceptable price in a clean and hygiene outlet, we will become word of the mouths in the town. Therefore, the right execution of our concept is the most critical part of our plan. We will actively build up Einstein Bros Bagel brand, through providing home services in companies or events, hotels and distribution of our product, different than those of other fast food …show more content…

The second strategy/tactics will be local store marketing. These will be low-budget plans that will provide community support and awareness of our facility. The last marketing effort will be implemented through local media. Although, this will be the most costly, this strategy/tactics will be used as a supplement where and when necessary. • In-Store Marketing o In-store brochures containing our concept and philosophy. o Wall posters. o In-store viewing of bagel making process from cutting to rapping. o Outdoor standing signage (if possible). o Grand opening promotion. o Party catering. o Brochures. o Occasional taste events at local stores. • Local Media o Sending brochures to surrounding companies. o Web page – which contains mother franchise philosophy, mission and vision statement, menu, history of our company, store location, catering, news and a section about franchise opportunities in The Netherlands. o Local magazines that target consumers of our segment, such as free Metro and Spit newspapers. o Newspaper campaigns – placing ads throughout the month to explain our concept of services to the local market. o News release in the websites and news portals about our current and future activities. Endnotes: 1-

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