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BSBSUS501 Maneka Muthukumari Weerasinghe Task 1 – Part A SUSTAINABILITY POLICY PLANNING REPORT AT WHITE HOUSE CAFE The Organization White House Cafe was opened in 1991 and has been a successful establishment ever since. The Cafe operates from 9am to 5pm, 7 days a week. With 26 years of experience, the establishment has an extensive amount of experience and have formed relationships with loyal customers. White House Cafe will utilize this experience to further improve business and the sustainability policy. Current business position – The cafe operates next to a shopping mall in Epping and serves the purpose of offering beverages and snacks for shoppers visiting the mall in a soothing environment. There are no other cafes in the surrounding …show more content…

Therefore, the sustainable policy will be written as follows; A layout which is easy to navigate through Easily understandable terminology Complete step-by-step display of the guidelines, policies and protocols Stakeholder’s Needs and Interests White House Cafe recognizes it’s stakeholders as investors and customers. Transparency is a vital element of good communication between the stakeholder and the establishment and leads way to a successful operation. Therefore, stakeholder participation is encouraged via meetings, projects and surveys (as necessary for different stakeholder groups). Recommended sustainable policy options Recommended sustainable policy options for the White House Cafe are as follows; 1. Economy and jobs – assists in developing a diverse and resilient economy with more investment to produce skilled employees. 2. Environment – encourages environmental sustainability by lowering the environmental impact. 3. Finite and non-renewable resource use – includes regular audits for non-renewable resource usage and

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