Swot Analysis Of Burger King

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Menu Burger king believed that its strength was in its menu which targeted only a certain section of consumers and realised that it had to make changes to be able to compete with its close competitors. It introduced 21 new and improved menu items consisting of mango and strawberry-banana smoothies, “Garden Fresh” salads, chicken wraps, mocha, crispy chicken strips, caramel frappes the expanded menu took cues from both McDonald’s and Starbucks. Earlier burgers kings target was young men with an appetite but with the changes in the menu it was able to attract a larger segment of the population include women, families and the health conscious. Burger king believe that its focus on their food will provide us the opportunity to meaningfully increase same store sales and margins. Marketing and communication Burger King 's main aims and objectives are to serve its customers with the bests meals and services a fast food company could possibly provide. For this efficient communication with its customers is very important. It makes use of networking, media and internet to communicate. Apart from advertising itself through radio, television, banners, barouches it’s also been reaching out to its customers with the help of social media like Facebook and twitter. It also uses demographical strategy to meet its consumer’s interest. Burger king have established a data driven marketing process whose main focus is driving restaurant sales and traffic, while targeting a larger consumer

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