Mama Earth Organic Foods Case Study

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Mama Earth Organics A food delivery service that delivers a box of organic fruits and vegetables to your door weekly. Their tagline is "Local. Organic. Delivered. The best organic food delivered to your door." (Heather and Alex, 2016). I chose this product because I have just signed up for it. I am passionate about food and most of my life revolves around cooking, eating and reading about food issues. I think that we need new solutions to farming if we want to continue or create more access to a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Smart farming and new systems of delivering fresh foods to more areas are important in ensuring everyone has access to healthy food. This product seems to be aimed directly at me. In researching Mama Earth, I discovered it is the 85th fastest growing company in Toronto! (PROFIT staff, 2015). To be honest, I didn’t really think it would be that profitable. I assumed this company was more successful on the triple bottom line but I was wrong. They have never strayed from their focus of environmentalism and it has become their strength and led to great profits. Mama Earth’s greatest strength may be that they only hire people that share their corporate vision and personal passion for the environment (Star Business Club, 2013). …show more content…

I think they can overcome the challenge of competing with big corporations by continuing to be a part of local community events and keeping their faces at the front of the business. Customers who value supporting their neighbours and local companies will continue to choose Mama Earth over larger grocery chain

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