Swot Analysis Of Fast Food Restaurant

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INTRODUCTION Burger KAMI fast food restaurant which served to prepare the burgers were different from those found in Malaysia. Burger was necessarily meet the aspiration of the people of Malaysia for meat produced meat to make hamburgers come from fresh meat. We produce our own beef burger with certain processes to be used as a meat burger. We have the concept of serving fast food to suit local tastes with fast and efficient service in a comfortable and relaxing environment. Our company will also sell fast food service, eco-friendly appeal to the price conscious, health-minded consumers. Vision: Establishing best to serve our customers, delicious food and a unique with fast food restaurant traditional cuisine in Malaysia which is recognized for providing good food with fast and efficient. Mission: Our team will create a strong company that provides a comfortable environment, and efficient services. We also provide a unique and attractive to our customers with the concept of local food. THE KEY FORCE 1. Business Business plan and strategic management slag t important in the public sector and they are in many other sectors in the local economy. The local authorities involved should plan the future direction of citizens on the basis of the best situated on the resources available to meet the needs and expectations of the local people and the environment that have been used so far. The strategy used to help councils to think through something they want to accomplish and how

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