Arby Pest Analysis

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Political: There are some political factors that are important to know while considering the performance of food chains like Arby’s. These factors can have an impact on Arby’s such as the health and safety rules provided by the government of the state/country in which the Arby’s division works. These rules can have a direct role in creating the strategies and approaches. Moreover, health-associated campaigns by the government have an impact on the food chains like Arby’s. Political factors also comprise of laws, activities and groups that impact and limit companies and individuals in a certain culture and society. The proportions being estimated consist of the government approach to foreign markets, the constancy and financial rules …show more content…

Similarly, the hectic lifestyles of individuals in some town and city increase the demand for appropriate fast food. This state presents the prospect for Arby’s to grow in those areas. However, advanced health consciousness might reduce demand but in the case of Arby’s it might not really affect them as they do provide healthy sandwiches and many other products, so this basically act as an advantage. Even so, the business can further keep improving the product quality. This side of the PEST analysis demonstrate that Arby’s can increase its business performance built on the effects of socio-cultural external factors. These factors include the percentage of people who has busy lives. Those who are busy prefer to eat from food chains than cooking at home. So the growing number of busy people in a social fabric can influence Arby’s. Most People are workaholic nowadays; therefore, there is more tendency of eating out. Thus, it turns to be an opportunity for the food chains like Arby’s. The factors such as consuming healthy and obesity have also been a prospect for food chains like Arby’s, which is offering the fresh and customized flavours in sandwiches away from the classic junk foods like burgers/fries and others. Fast food trends change built on what customers want. As said above, through this analysis, healthiness is the emphasis in many countries. This is not only suggested by governmental authorities, but also consumers. Nowadays, there is a growth in in organic and foods as regimes and lifestyle variations come into play. Consequently, fast food chains are applying their own branding changes and so is

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